Records Storage & File Management

Why use a Records Management Program? Because managed records are an asset – unmanaged records are a liability.

Make Records Management part of your planning for enterprise content management. Through records management, you can, control the amount of storage and length of time records are kept, provide orderly and systematic destruction of records consistent with administrative legal, fiscal, and historical requirements, reduce costs associated with the storage of active and inactive records, improve efficiency of retrieval, identify and preserve records of permanent value.

Services include:

• Open Rack Active File Management
• Boxed semi-active / Inactive Records Storage
• Bar Code Tracking for an Audit Trail
• Retention Facilitation and Management
• Confidential Records Destruction Services
• Scan On Demand Imaging
• Office Paper Shredding
• Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly Shredding
• Computer, Data Tape, Microfiche/Film Destruction
• Completely Confidential

Manage your business documents via internet web access. Store, track and retrieve records with ease and security.

Our Scan on Demand service allows you to retrieve important documents directly to your computer. We retrieve documents, scan them into the system and send them to you as an email attachment.

Our professionally trained staff is prepared to manage your most important business asset- information. We pride ourselves on providing clients with superior personal service. Your business success is a direct reflection of our service commitment.

We support your best practices by meeting today's business demands for control, flexibility, and accessibility.

• Regulatory Compliance
• Retention Management and Approval
• Access Control
• Knowledge Base Standardization
• Elevated Security
• Audit Trail and Tracking

Confidential management and storage for hardcopy paper documents demands resources. Off-site information management allows you to focus on your core business functions and ultimately operate more efficiently. Off-site, your records are controlled, yet accessible, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year.