Paper Shredding & File Destruction

It is very important to protect your records but equally important to also safely and securely dispose of them. Secure shredding per mandated retention schedules for records keeps you secure and in compliance. You can also save money by not storing out of date records.

Shredding and document destruction service assures that your out of date records will be removed and securely destroyed so the information cannot be misused and you are protected from liability. To make things even easier, you can set the destruction dates for your files when you store them. This will prompt us to send you a list of the data you want shredded for your approval, then have them shredded.

Destruction Process

We can pick-up documents for destruction from you or pull them from your storage. After you approve the list of boxes and files to be destroyed, they are placed in locked containers, transported to the cutting-edge shredding facility, placed in enclosed video surveillance rooms and shredded to 5/8-inch or less. The waste is baled, hydro pulped and recycled. Upon completion you are presented with a NAID Certificate of Destruction.

NAID AAA Certification

Secure file destruction assures you are compliance with records storage laws and standards. Our shredding service is certified by The National Association for Information Destruction’s (NAID) AAA, the highest standard in destruction and security practices. By working with a NAID AAA certified facility you know you are getting the security you need and establishing the due diligence required to comply with HIPAA, the GLB Act, FACTA and other regulatory agencies. To learn more about NAID or the certification process please contact us.